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Labour's Prize Band: Attlee's Ministry Analysed - printed A4 version

Attllee WEB50 A4 pages in a folder This text opens with a commentary on the work, chiefly domestic, of the post-war Labour Government, led by Clement Attlee, based on a scrutiny of the background and values of the ministers involved. There follows brief potted biographies of the thirty politicians upon which the essay is based. In each More Info »
Price: £5.00

The Collective Age 1850 ~ 1950 A4 PDF

COLL cover F websiteThis is an all-embracing historical study of the rise of Collectivism in the United Kingdom. It traces its development from early Victorian times to the late 1940s, using the term to cover both the enormous expansion of state involvement in everyday life alongside the growth of communal values and activity, culminating in the major reforms and civil ethos of the 1940s. More Info »
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COLL cover F websiteThe Ebook version of THE COLLECTIVE AGE  - suitable for any tablet or Kindle - is delivered via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP Amazon). DO NOT CLICK ON THE 'ADD TO BAG' BUTTON BELOW TO PURCHASE THE EBOOK, PLEASE CLICK ON 'MORE INFO' BELOW                         More Info »
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COLL cover F websiteThe PRINT VERSION of The Collective Age is a 630 page A5 soft back. It has a comprehensive Table of Contents, extensive index of names, as well as a full Bibliography and TimeLIne of events from the period covered in the text. The price listed includes UK postage. (£20 + £3.00) TABLE OF CONTENTS   More Info »
Price: £23.00

On the Tip of Your Tongue ~ PDF version

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Memory in Later Life  The PDF version of this best selling book comes in  an A4 formatted 112 page  document. You are free to read it on-line or print out all or any of the eight chapters. In ‘On the Tip of Your Tongue’ Dr Tony Gibson, begins by exploring the history of man’s interest in memory. He roams through More Info »
Price: £5.00

On the Tip of Your Tongue:your memory in later life ~ Ebook only

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Memory in Later LifeThis is the first book on memory written specifically for older people. It has been a best seller with Third Age Press since it was published twenty years ago but is now out of print as a print book. It is entertaining as well as instructive and will help you manage your stock of memories as well as your life. More Info »
Price: £5.49

Variety is the Spice of Life: The Worlds of Eric Midwinter

CoverEM BIOGFrontWEB  by Jeremy Hardie Eric Midwinter is a man of many parts whose activities have encompassed a variety of fields of endeavour during his long and highly productive career. Born into a working class family in Sale, near Manchester, in the 1930s, he proceeded, via scholarships to grammar school and Cambridge University, to become a More Info »
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Best Remembered Two: cinema and radio

Best RememberedEver find yourself saying ‘They don’t make ‘em like that any more?’ Well, let Eric Midwinter usher you down memory lane shining his uniquely perceptive torch on some of the great films and radio programmes of the past. More Info »
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Britain's Story: an overview of British History

Britain's StoryThis an attempt to offer adults with a general interest in national history a concise summary of that 2000 year epic. It is hopefully designed to enable some to arrange random, vague gobbets of information in orderly fashion and to whet the appetite of others to read further. More Info »
Price: £3.50

I Say, I Say, I Say: The Double Act Story

I Say, I Say, I SayOriginal study of 20th C British comic double acts – their historic, social & cultural origins, heyday & decline – from Victorian seaside minstrels, through between the wars cross-talk duos on stage & wireless to the huge appeal of iconic TV pairings. More Info »
Price: £5.00

Defining Women... On Mature Reflection

Defining Women... On Mature ReflectionMature women writing on a wide range of thought provoking subjects. With contributions from Jan Etherington, Germaine Greer, Anne Widdecombe and sixteen extraordinary ordinary women. More Info »
Price: £7.00

How to be a Merry Widow

How to be a Merry WidowThis is a book about coming to terms with widowhood after the shock of bereavement has begun to ease. Mary Rogers writes with candour and humour, in a deeply personal style. She manages to be funny, moving and at the same time, practical. More Info »
Price: £0.00

The People's Jesters: 20th Century British Comedians

The People's Jesters: 20th Century British ComediansAn absorbing exercise in nostalgia as well as a fascinating study of much-loved comedians and how they worked. More Info »
Price: £8.00

500 Beacons: the U3A Story

coverfrontWEB The origins, development, current position & future aspirations of the University of the Third Age in the UK. More Info »
Price: £5.00

Novel Approaches: A Guide to the Popular Classic Novel

Novel Approaches: A Guide to the Popular Classic NovelIdeal for book clubs, study groups or individuals – whether re-reading favourites or coming fresh to the novel – every reader will arrive at a new or unique perception of each book. More Info »
Price: £5.00

Women's History: Our Grandmothers, Our Mothers, Ourselves

Women's History: Our Grandmothers, Our Mothers, OurselvesEleven women in a U3A group studying women’s hidden social history explored their grandmothers', their mothers' and their own lives. They covered two world wars and many social and political changes affecting women. More Info »
Price: £5.00

Just in Case: Making a Home for Elderly People

Just in Case: Making a Home for Elderly PeopleSpeaking from experience, Pat Howard shares the joys, trials and practical knowledge of running a care home. Of interest to anyone working in this field or considering care homes for personal reasons. More Info »
Price: £5.00

An Experiment in Living: Sharing a House in later Life

An Experiment in Living: Sharing a House in later LifeAn introduction to a potential new lifestyle by three wise women. More than just a guide to how to set up house together - the authors reflect on what's in it for them and their individual attitudes to retirement. More Info »
Price: £5.00

No Thanks to Lloyd George: How the Old Age Pension was Won

No Thanks to Lloyd George: How the Old Age Pension was WonFirst published ten years ago, this publication has been updated and republished to mark the 90th anniversary of the passing of the first Old Age Pension Act. It tells a story of passion, dedication, determination and grit. More Info »
Price: £3.50

Europe at Walking Pace

Europe at Walking PaceThis book is inspiring and practical… can be used as a guide for long or short walks or simply put your feet up and enjoy the wonderful descriptions of some very ‘off-the-beaten-track’ places. More Info »
Price: £9.25