The Play Reader 2013: yet more dramas by thirdagers (printed version)

The Play Reader 2013

A new (the third) collection of plays for reading (or performance) written by thirdagers. An A4 coil bound text perfect for photo-copying.

‘Gender balance’ is always a problem with U3A groups, so we hope and assume users of this collection will be ‘imaginative’ in distributing parts. But for your information, we have listed the gender of cast members in each play (M=male  F=Female E=Either)

  • Parallel Lines by Graham Cranmer: a series of short exchanges garnered from eavesdropping on a crowded train platform (9M 8F 6E)
  • Kent and Christendom by Susanna Gladwin: Three Tudor women’s slant on life (6M  7F)
  • The New Member’s Tail by David Hart: strange events when a very strange member joins U3A (1M  6F 1E)
  • Act Two Scene Two by Len Kingston: disturbing events at a U3A Shakespeare group (5F 5M)
  • The Herbert Love Poem Society by Jean Lunnon: flit between 17th and 21st C. in the search for a lost poem (4M  3F 1E)
  • The Last Days of Socrates by Cher Palmer: as seen through Socrates’ wife and her slave girl (2F  10M)
  • Honesty is the Best Policy by Valerie Thame: three women struggle to come to terms with loss of independence (5W)
  • Flu Jab Day by Betty Weiner: amusing frolic in GP’s surgery (3M 8F)

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Price: £9.00
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