WOW stands for Wonderful Older Women . . . or Wise Older Women . . . or even Wicked Older Women
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Remembering astra

ASTRA BLAUG died peacefully on May 5th. astra, as she preferred to be known, was an artist, photographer, poet, feminist and eternal campaigner. Her work has appeared in many anthologies, among them One Foot on the Mountain, Hard Feelings  and Bread and Roses (Virago). There are also three published collections of her work, fighting words; battle cries […]

The Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society has many local branches throughout the UK but the HQ of the organisation is in the USA  – from where you can get UK local details but you can also find information on local groups from the British RedHatters To be a “RED HATTER” you must be over 50 years […]


Gransnet is a fascinating site simply exploding with news, resources, discussion forums and opportunities aimed at ‘grannies’ but any older person will find it worth a visit. Sign up (free of charge) to be a member and receive the weekly online newsletter

The Thelma and Louise Club

The Thelma and Louise club is an exclusive network for women. Members meet like-minded women, find travel buddies and plan dream adventures! Fully-fledged members are able to communicate with other TLc members, use instant messaging and access the message boards. Members can also enjoy holidays ranging from leisurely tours to challenging adventures, day trips, articles, plus TLc’s favourite products and services.

Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies adopt a new persona – crazy old ladies in crazy hats – and instead of preaching they’d sing satiric songs.

Older Feminists Network

OFN aims to counter negative stereotypes of older women, to challenge ageism/sexism, to provide contacts, mutual support and exchange of ideas and information and to mobilise the skills & experience of older women in campaigning for a better deal.

Grandmothers for Peace

The UK chapter of Grandmothers for Peace is active in planning and supporting demonstrations against the curtailment of civil liberties, the proposed renewal of the Trident weapons system and the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Greenham Common women’s peace camp.

Fawcett Society

Fawcett is the UK’s leading campaign for equality between women and men – creating awareness, leading debate and driving change.