The Play Reader 2008 (PDF version)


The second  collection of plays for reading (or performance) written by thirdagers for thirdagers. PDF email version


Locarno Mervyn Coverdale – an unusual reunion 40 years on
Ransome Park: Bunkered Watford U3A Writing Workshop
– the equilibrium in the retirement village is upset by a new arrival and an unwelcome development
Suitcases Susanna Gladwin – real and remembered journeys reveal some interesting baggage
The Wellingbourne Women’s Guild Ian Leslie Brydon – When is a ‘women’s guild’ not a women’s guild?
Judgement David Lewis – a tribunal calls three of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters to account
When the Lights go on Again Vera Roper – secrets are spilled in a retirement ‘hotel’
One Week in Jerusalem David Lewis – what really happened after Jesus’ death?

Price: £5.00
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