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Third Age Press is not the only one looking for plays by (and about) older people

For the third time, Third Age Press invited thirdagers to submit plays (principally but not exclusively) aimed at playreading groups of which there are hundreds in U3As around the country. Competition was brisk and fascinating and the new collection all be published on 28 November 2013. See our Home Page and/or Book Shop for details. […]

Mount the barricades – we’re under attack. Third Age Total War has been declared

Typing  ‘third age’ into Google in order to check on our website, I was stunned to be deluged with websites and YouTube links for ‘Third Age – Total War’. This is apparently the hot new video game based on the Lord of the Rings. Not being a follower of  the L of the R ‘saga’ […]

Michele Hanson warts and all

I stopped reading Ms Hanson (Guardian G2 Tuesdays) for a while because I couldn’t stand her negativity but I’ve now gone back to her because I’ve decided it’s healthy to raise your hackles once in awhile and boy, does she ever raise mine. I can’t remember who I heard say of an elderly male relative that […]

Suzanne Lacy’s Silver Action

SILVER ACTION  01 & 03 Feb 2013 When the Tanks at the Tate (mod) were first opened last year, one of the installations caught my eye – convened by an American conceptual artist, Suzanne Lacy, it consisted of a timelapse film of a large empty space in a shopping mall being gradually set with many […]

Are you a time bomb? Do such headlines want to make you explode?

BRITAIN’S OLD-AGE TIME BOMB (Guardian Monday 25th February 2013) A recent article in The Guardian referred (although they may have been quoting someone else) to the ‘time bomb’ of Britain’s expanding population.  Of course, over the last few years we have seen numerous similar reports referring to the ‘burden’ that our generations is imposing and […]