Do you have a bee in you bonnet?



DO YOU HAVE A BEE IN YOUR BONNET . . . about ageing and/or the way we are treated by the press or younger people? Now you can get it off your chest and engage in a lively dialogue. Third Age has opened a BLOG – EngAge With Age. Just click on BLOG and follow the link.



BRITAIN’S STORY: an overview of British History by Eric Midwinter. See below for full details. 60 page printed booklet (£5.00 incl p&p) or KINDLE £2.80

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FALL IN LOVE: an anthology of short stories -(KINDLE £3.80) by and about thirdagers (see full details below)

NOVEL APPROACHES: a guide to the popular classical novel (KINDLE £3.80) by Eric Midwinter

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