Older & Bolder / NIACE

Older & Bolder promotes learning opportunities and needs of older people, the awareness of contribution older people make to learning, good practice in education, the needs of carers and support workers and policy in all areas that might affect provision and participation.

Address: Older & Bolder, NIACE, Renaissance House, 20 Princess Road West, LE1 6TP   0116 204 4200/4201

Website: www.niace.org.uk/current-work/area/older-adults


Annual national conference/newsletter/ Senior Learner of the Year Award awards /facilitates the development of local & regional collaboration/gathers data to further the debate & influence future educational & social policy.

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education

NIACE is a non-governmental organisation working for more and different adult learners. NIACE supports an increase in the total numbers of adults engaged in learning & takes positive action to improve opportunities and widen access to learning opportunities for those communities under-represented in current provision.