Robert Redford looks great . . . FOR 76!

I have no idea how old Matt Mueller (‘In Conversation: Redford’ inFilm3Sixty distributed by The Observer) is but surely he ought to know better. I was pondering a still from the forthcoming re-make of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and thinking that Leonard deCaprio wasn’t a patch on Redford in the original – when it occurred to me that he did bear a certain resemblance to the smouldering Robert. I then turned the page and came face to face with a stunning black and white photo of Redford, in every wrinkle, as he is now.

My first reaction was that Robert Redford is, was and always will be, a beautiful man . . . so imagine my chagrin? fury? when I read the interview and come across ‘Robert Redford looks great for 76, healthy and hearty etc etc . . . ‘

NO he doesn’t look great for 76 – he just looks great!

When will journalists ever learn what damage they do by not resisting the impulse to add that irrelevant phrase?