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COLL cover F websiteThe Ebook version of THE COLLECTIVE AGE  - suitable for any tablet or Kindle - is delivered via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP Amazon). DO NOT CLICK ON THE 'ADD TO BAG' BUTTON BELOW TO PURCHASE THE EBOOK, PLEASE CLICK ON 'MORE INFO' BELOW                         More Info »
Price: £8.00

On the Tip of Your Tongue:your memory in later life ~ Ebook only

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Memory in Later LifeThis is the first book on memory written specifically for older people. It has been a best seller with Third Age Press since it was published twenty years ago but is now out of print as a print book. It is entertaining as well as instructive and will help you manage your stock of memories as well as your life. More Info »
Price: £5.49

Britain's Story: an overview of British History

Britain's StoryThis an attempt to offer adults with a general interest in national history a concise summary of that 2000 year epic. It is hopefully designed to enable some to arrange random, vague gobbets of information in orderly fashion and to whet the appetite of others to read further. More Info »
Price: £3.50

It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love: an anthology of romantic short stories

It's Never Too Late To Fall In LoveTwenty wonderfully varied stories chosen by competition, from 170 entries, by a panel of five independent and experienced judges. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll empathise… and, who knows, you might even be inspired to launch into your very own adventure! More Info »
Price: £5.00

500 Beacons: the U3A Story

coverfrontWEB The origins, development, current position & future aspirations of the University of the Third Age in the UK. More Info »
Price: £5.00

Novel Approaches: A Guide to the Popular Classic Novel

Novel Approaches: A Guide to the Popular Classic NovelIdeal for book clubs, study groups or individuals – whether re-reading favourites or coming fresh to the novel – every reader will arrive at a new or unique perception of each book. More Info »
Price: £5.00