On the Tip of Your Tongue:your memory in later life ~ Ebook only

On the Tip of Your Tongue: Memory in Later Life

by Dr Tony Gibson


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Updated and published as an Ebook 2016

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  • ISBN (for Ebook)    1 898576 50 5

In ‘On the Tip of Your Tongue’ Dr Tony Gibson, begins by exploring the history of man’s interest in memory. He roams through Greek methods, stage hypnotism and the criminal courts, deals firmly with Freud and showcases many researchers. Some persistent myths are demolished on the way.

This is the first book on memory written specifically for older people. It has been a best seller with Third Age Press since it was published twenty years ago but is now out of print as a print book (although you may find used copies online). It is entertaining as well as instructive and will help you manage your stock of memories as well as your life.

Chapters include: What is memory?
Nine Myths about memory?
How is your memory changing?
The ‘Tip of your tongue’ Phenomenon
Gimmicks for remembering
Improving Your Memory
Memory at Different Stages of Your Life
Derangements, diseases and Injuries that Affect Memory

Dr Gibson advises you to seize the day as well as the decades ahead – whether you are a task oriented person or a lotus eater – and to keep your mind nimble until you eventually ‘fall off your perch’.

Tony Gibson’s career as an academic and psychologist spanned over 50 years and this book, written in with eightieth year encompasses an accumulation of enduring wisdom. He has also been a prolific author, writing widely on various psychological areas as well as on life in the third age.


Price: £5.49
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