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This is an all-embracing historical study of the rise of Collectivism in the United Kingdom. It traces its development from early Victorian times to the late 1940s, using the term to cover both the enormous expansion of state involvement in everyday life alongside the growth of communal values and activity, culminating in the major reforms and civil ethos of the 1940s. The central tranche of eighteen chapters may each be viewed as specialist essays within the whole argument.



Before: The First Individualist Age: C.1700-C.1850

During: The Collective Age C.1850-C.1950

  1. Collective Thought And Feeling
  2.  Collective Life
  3.  Collectivism And Social Structure
  4. The Mechanics Of Collectivism
  5. Collective Transport And Communication
  6. Poverty And The Collective Response
  7. Public, That Is To Say, Collective Health
  8. Crime And Collectivism
  9. Education And Collectivism
  10. Collectivism And The Built Environment
  11. Collective Life: The Retail Trade
  12. The Collective Impulse
  13. The Collective Holiday
  14. Collective Sport
  15. Collective Entertainment (I)
  16.  Collective Entertainment (Ii)
  17. Collective Entertainment (Iii)
  18. Collectivism Triumphant: The 1940s

After: The Second Individualist Age 1950-2015


The Collectivist Timeline

General Bibliography



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