Third Age Press now on Kindle

Six of our publications are now available on Kindle

500 BEACONS: THE U3A STORY: we are pleased to announce that  the definitive history of the U3A in the UK written by founder, Dr Eric Midwinter, is now available on Kindle. First published in 2004, but now out of print, the Kindle edition has been updated to 2014.  KINDLE £4.99

BRITAIN’S STORY: an overview of British History by Eric Midwinter – KINDLE £2.80

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO FALL IN LOVE: an anthology of short stories by and about thirdagers – KINDLE £3.80

NOVEL APPROACHES: a guide to the popular classical novel by Eric Midwinter- KINDLE £3.80

ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE: YOUR MEMORY IN LATER LIFE – by Dr Tony Gibson – our best seller for many years and still very relevant. (also available as a ‘print yourself’ PDF) £5.49

THE COLLECTIVE AGE 1850 ~ 1950: The Rise and Fall of a Fairer Society – an important and impressive social history by Dr. Eric Midwinter   KINDLE £8.00